Vast Content Library

We have a diverse Content Library consisting of more than 2,900 titles, which is growing continuously with the addition of new releases as well as through catalogue acquisitions

Our Content Library can broadly be classified into - Perpetual Rights and Aggregation Rights

Perpetual Rights: We have complete ownership rights which allow us to distribute content worldwide for a perpetual period across all mediums. Such rights over the content are referred to, by us, as Perpetual Rights. As of June 30, 2014, our Company has Perpetual Rights of 756 titles out of which 354 are Hindi films. We continue to focus on acquiring Perpetual Rights and have various in-house processes for acquiring and managing our content.

We also produce films which provide us with assured Perpetual Rights over the content. Film production has also ensured our presence in the entertainment industry, keeping abreast with new talent and developments in the industry.

Aggregation Rights: Titles over which we have limited ownership rights are referred to as “Aggregation Rights”. Aggregation Rights are restricted by either period of usage, distribution platforms, medium and geography or combination thereof.

Highlights of our 2900+ content library